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Im comeback from hospital!

2017-09-20 13:00:22 by ItsALoToss

songs later :p

Some news!

2017-08-26 10:49:24 by ItsALoToss

new track! And i... leave GD. For someone it is good, for someone bad.

But i say...

Play with me to LoL (my nick is rakovayasheika) or Paragon (my nick is itsalotoss)


2017-08-20 02:40:08 by ItsALoToss

my anti-malware delete all my projects...


Work work work!

2017-08-07 03:36:47 by ItsALoToss

New track is soooo soon!

New track!

2017-07-22 04:06:38 by ItsALoToss

its a "plague', and some dubstep is upcoming ^^

Guys im live!

2017-05-07 15:42:22 by ItsALoToss

Im here guys! Im just cant make posts often, because most of time on NG im with a phone. Sorry.

New ambent tracks!

2017-02-19 09:41:42 by ItsALoToss

It is "Lost Ocean" and "Pixel Universe"! 2much new here, it is my second space ambient and first att on 8-bit! I hope u like it! Write rewiems and comments, it is so important for me!  -  Pixel Universe  -  Lost Ocean

Sooo new remix

2017-01-06 13:38:19 by ItsALoToss

yaaay №2!



2016-10-17 11:11:08 by ItsALoToss

Do u want it? Write in comments! And soon i upload the first art!